Car Detailing Waterless Wash – It’s BAD

Why is waterless washing so bad?

So you have probably heard about waterless washing, maybe even seen it advertised but what is it and why don’t we do it?
Waterless washing has become a bit of a catch phrase being peddled by ‘car cleaners’ who, lets be frank, haven’t got a clue and should not be in operation in the professional detailing circuit.
This super bad method of washing your car generally involves using some kind of spray on product then wiping over it with a cloth. We have seen some outrageous claims that these sprays and products contain wax and so forth however the reality is the damage is done in the initial process and then the nano particles of ‘wax’ are used to disguise the almost guaranteed marring and fine scratching. Waxing over a car that is still essentially dirty is madness and simply locking in grit that will ultimately keep deteriorating the finish. In a strange way it is fortunate that there is no real ‘wax’ in any of these products, it is more like minute nano fillers.
It’s pretty simple, you must remove large debris, dust, sand and grit PRIOR to even thinking about touching your car with any kind of mitt or miracle cloth. There is no other way to correctly wash your car without an initial pre rinse using good old fashioned H2O. If you do not pre rinse and pre soak the vehicle you are literally just dragging debris across the paint work. Pre rinsing and Pre Soaking is recognised as an INTERNATIONAL DETAILING STANDARD – these standards are core to our professional operation.
So the question remains – What should you do if you don’t have access to water? To be honest that’s a hard one for us to answer. We are definitely not going to damage your car and no self respecting detailer would. If you don’t have access to water at your property (most places do fortunately) then we suggest using a friends property or alternatively taking advantage of our ‘garage detailing‘ service where you can drop your car at the closest detailer’s personal garage.
So end story guys, Supernatural says -Waterless washing – just don’t do it or let anyone do it to your vehicle.