Polishing and Waxing

Car Detailing Perth – Polish and Wax.

Polishing and Waxing at Supernatural Detailing
So what is the difference between polishing and waxing and how does it affect your car or bike?
To make it simple – polishing really refers to restoring the shine of your paintwork as well as removing surface imperfections. Waxing is all about protection. Waxing, whether synthetic with silicone or natural using carnauba can help to retain the lustre of paintwork as well as provide a longer lasting seal to protect against weather and corrosion.
The key to preserving your paintwork is a regular regime of both polishing and waxing. As a minimum Supernatural Detailing recommends a thorough polish and wax at least twice a year. A MAX DETAIL is the best starting point which includes a full body hand polish. You can choose to add on a protective wax to enjoy that deep gloss and long lasting shine.
Polishing alone creates a ‘hard shine’ or what appears as a single dimension shine. Polishing is the initial step in preparing to lay a protective wax coating. Depending on the condition of your paintwork your Supernatural Master Detailer may advise on a clay bar or machine polish to reduce contaminant within the paintwork. When combined with a quality wax, we can create a ‘deeper’ gloss which can be aesthetically more pleasing as well as offering longer lasting results and greater protection. The process of applying a wax can help protect against the elements, road grime, bugs and tar. The next step up from waxing is to perform a Supernatural Paint Protection service with guaranteed protection of your paints surface.
At Supernatural we have huge selection of industry recognised polishes and waxes. Your master detailer will advise you on the correct preparation and application based on your purpose and budget.