Car Odour Removal

Stinky Car? No Problem!

Car Odour Removal
Has your car got an odour that just won’t seem to go away? Or have you just bought a car that smells like the 7th level of Hell?
Supernatural Detailing can provide PERMANENT odour removal using our advanced Ozone Treatment.
Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms and is an unstable gas with high oxidisation properties.
By converting the oxygen in your car to ozone bacteria which causes foul odours is eliminated and you are left with a ‘neutral’ smell. We run the ozone through the air conditioning system as well to purify the filters and destroy odour causing bacteria.
An ozone treatment is perfect for removing any odour from your pride and joy including smoke, pet, mould, milk spill and body odours. And whats better – It’s permanent!
We are so confident in our ozone treatment that it is guaranteed when combined with a max interior detail. In other words if the odour comes back (It won’t), but if it does, we will come out and re treat FREE OF CHARGE
So what are you waiting for? Get that dirty stank out of your car today 🙂